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People of Karabakh’s historic choice is irreversible reality

The President of Armenia issued congratulations on Artsakh Independence Day…

Red Cross requested permission to see Armenian citizen in Azerbaijan

The ICRC is following media reports and official information on Azerbaijani Defense Minstrty's website…

Armenia FM: It's hard to say when Turkey president will respond to invitation

Minister Nalbandian handed over a formal invitation after inauguration ceremony in Ankara...

Davutoglu: We will continue moves towards normalization with Armenia

One of Turkish government's strategic priorities is stability in the South Caucasus and reducing regional tensions...

Video shows ISIS beheading Kurdish man in Iraq

Ukrainian President declares intrusion of Russian troops into Uktraine

World's wooliest sheep 'found in Australia'

What can cigarettes do with the lungs?

Officer of Ministry of Environmental Protection arrested in Armenia

Exhibition of rescue vehicles presented to Armenia by France

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Photo of the day

It will be tough