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Opposition Armenian National Congress is weakening – former PM

19:46, 14.05.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Politics

YEREVAN. – The leader of Liberty Party, member of opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) and Armenian former PM Hrant Bagratyan does not think that ANC might split up but ‘of course opinions can change’, Hrant Bagratyan told Armenian

“I thoroughly understand those who wanted the best results during the elections. What can I say about those who want to leave ANC? All in all, very important people might leave, but on the other hand there are people who want to enter the Congress. Of course whoever left, the Congress weakens, but people not only leave but also enroll,” Hrant Bagratyan said.

Commenting on the opinion according to which taking the parliamentary mandates means legitimizing the results of the May 6 elections taking into consideration that ANC is planning to apply to the Constitutional Court demanding to recognize the results invalid, Bagratyan announced that according to him taking the mandates does not mean legitimizing the results of the elections.

“On the contrary not taking the mandates means legitimizing them. I never said that the mandates should be refused. The issue is not whether I passed or not. I have always stressed that we should enter parliament,” he said.

To note, when during the parliamentary election of 2007 Heritage took 7 mandates many members of ANC announced then that taking the mandates means legitimizing the results of the elections.

As Armenian reported earlier, the coordinator of the ANC office in Armenia’s second city of Gyumri, Ashot Zagaryan announced about leaving ANC. Earlier the leader of Armenia’s Republic Party Aram Sargsyan wished ANC all the best and did not exclude leaving ANC. The leader of Armenia’s Liberal Party, member of ANC Hovhannes Hovhannisyan was against ANC taking the mandates and also left ANC.

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