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Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents to told two more meetings of same format - A

22:11, 25.06.2011 Region: Armenia, Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Russia Theme: Politics

YEREVAN. – The entire process of Karabakh conflict settlement has not seen more favorable atmosphere for rapprochement of the sides’ positions, the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) member, leader of Armenian Liberal party Hovhannes Hovhannesyan told Armenian correspondent, while reflecting on Kazan meeting.

In this context he forecasted that the negotiations will continue in the same format for the rest of the year.

“I suppose, Russia will initiate two more meetings between Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents by the end of the year. It is highly probable that the two leaders should have a second meeting this summer,” marked Hovhannesyan, adding that in case the new meetings record no progress, we should expect either a new war or a new format and logistics of negotiations. “It will not last for long. OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing countries suffer fiasco with each new meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents. We have to understand that the leaders of these countries will soon be preparing for elections and in this respect they cannot afford another failure.”

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