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Former captive tells his story of being captured in Azerbaijan (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

02:48, 08.02.2012 Region: Armenia, Azerbaijan Theme: Incidents

YEREVAN. – Arthur Badalyan, 32, needs a serious medical treatment after having been released from a two-year captivity in Azerbaijan,

Badalyan, Haghartsin village resident in Armenian Tavush Region, lost his way in the wood and was captured on May 9, 2009. Only after 1.5 years Azerbaijani side approved his captivity, while it rejected the fact before. Badalyan was released in March, 2011.

According to his relatives, state bodies appointed a medical treatment only once. However, the young man is in need of treatment. He lives with his parents, elder brother, wife and a 3-year-old son. The family is in extreme social conditions, the only income is $75 social benefit.

“My son is in a very serious condition. He does not sleep at nights, walks all the time, speaks to himself, laughs… He is all the time in Azerbaijani captivity in his thoughts,” his mother told secretly.

Meantime, Arthur remembers all the days spent in captivity in details. At first he was kept in an unknown place. Afterwards he was moved to Baku, where he was kept in a cell without linens, bed or food. Arthur believes he is still pursued, that mirrors and cameras are placed in his body.

“I had not slept for 4 months at all. My cell had lasers switched on all the time. It seems like they have penetrated into my head, blood, as I still feel them. As for food, it was just boiled water and a piece of dry bread, just to stay alive. They beat and broke my two legs. I still have pains below the waist. I was just dreaming that the door opens and I flee,” former captive told.

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