May 17
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YEREVAN.- Spreading of gynecologic ultrasonography enabling parents to know the sex of their child led to lack of women in Asia, demographic expert Christophe Guilmoto said in Yerevan on Friday.

The most problematic countries remain Pakistan and India but Armenia is likely to face the same problem in 25 years.

In some Asian countries girl/boy ratio has changed significantly within the last 25 years because of sex-selective abortions. Thus, in China the sex ratio is 118.1 boys to 100 girls, in India 110.6 boys, in Azerbaijan – 117.6, in Georgia – 119.9 and in Armenia – 115.8.

The expert said even if the situation improves in coming 10 years, Chinese and Indian men will all the same face difficulties with finding wives.

“In 15 years Armenian men will experience difficulty in finding wives as well. By that time the number of men will considerably increase. Therefore, the part of men will not get married, while others will seek wives abroad. It will lead to migration and decrease in population,” he emphasized.

Moreover, it will lead to prostitution growth, increase in gender violence cases. However, the expert believes there is no rapid solution to the problem, it cannot be corrected only by one decision of the government.

“It is possible for instance prohibit the doctors from telling parents sex of the child or give allowances to families having daughters, as it is done in India, but it will hardly work until people’s way of thinking changes,” he said.




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