June 19
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What work is the prosecutor's office of Armenia doing regarding the return of Armenian captives and military and political leadership of Nagorno-Karabakh being held in Azerbaijan? Opposition MP Taguhi Tovmasyan inquired about this on Friday in the National Assembly during the report on the activities of the Prosecutor General's Office in 2023—and addressing Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan.

In response, Vardapetyan first reminded that she had met with the prosecutor general of Azerbaijan twice, with the assistance and mediation of the prosecutor general of Russia. No other meeting has yet taken place in this format.

Also, Vardapetyan informed that this matter is raised and explained during meetings with international colleagues.

"We [i.e. Armenia] had a very high representation of prosecutors a week ago. About 30 prosecutors from 11 European countries had visited Armenia at my invitation. They were mainly prosecutors general and deputy prosecutors general who are aware of these issues.

You also know that an Azerbaijani blogger was arrested in Russia in connection with one of the cases. And it was again as a result of our request. But it did not receive a proper legal procedure, and certain political processes were started, and we were not given time to submit documents; then they tried to manipulate. It is, of course, a story outside of jurisprudence," said the prosecutor general of Armenia.

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