September 24
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UN and Arab League Envoy Kofi Anan’s plan was condemned to failure from the beginning, and it failed indeed, Yevgeny Satanovski, President of the Russian Institute of the Middle East told Armenian commenting on head of UN Supervision Mission In Syria Robert Mood’s announcement about suspending the observer mission in Syria.

According to Satanovski, observers were not able to accomplish anything in Syria so far and they cannot achieve anything hence either.

“A civil war is going on in Syria which is entering a difficult phase. It is no surprise that the angry crowd of people whose relatives were murdered, start destroying the cars of UN observers – an organization which closes its eyes on the actions of terrorists and murderers and tries to remove the president of the country,” Satanovski said.

Commenting on the notion why recently both sides of the Syrian conflict are criticized if the West is aiming to overthrow Bashar Assad, Satanovski said that terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood and others are letting know about themselves in Syria.

“The opponents of Assad are the fundamental Islamists, radicals who are a much larger threat than Assad himself. Currently there is a war between tribes, clans and families in Syria typical for the Middle East,” the expert said. “Let us consider a Syrian city. Fist the Sunnis come and kill the Shias. Then Alawites come and kill the Sunnis. And UN observers are the least people to manage the situation here.”

As Armenian reported earlier, the observer mission in Syria was suspended because of the escalation of violence in the country.

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