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YEREVAN. – Armenia's role is to point at right principles and underscore the mistakes of the subordinate court, Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan said in hearing of the Perincek v Switzerland case.

“The Armenian nation survived and overcame. It has never asked this court to pronounce on the suffering it has witnessed, but nor did it expect this court to ever allow that the deniers will find a safe heaven in its pronouncements which are already now used for propaganda purposes for falsifying history. As an intervener, Armenia's role is to point to the correct principles under which this case should be decided and to indicate errors that affected the lawyer court judgment. Whether or not its conclusion was correct, does not matter, as much certain misstatements of fact which comforted genocide deniers throughout the world. We are here to ensure that such errors should not ever be repeated by court that speaks in the name of human rights,” Kostanyan said.

Photos from Strasbourg sent by adviser to Armenia's Prosecutor General Kristine Melkonyan

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