September 24
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Armenian introduces the complete text of the resolution on the Armenian Genocide adopted by the German Bundestag.

"In the memory the Armenians’ and other Christians’ Genocide in the Ottoman Empire 101 years ago.“

The Bundestag bows to the Armenians and other Christian minorities in the Ottoman Empire who were forcefully displaced and massacred 101 years ago.

The Bundestag condemns the actions of the Young Turks' Government that resulted in almost a complete extermination of the Armenians who had lived in the Ottoman Empire. Other Christian minorities - Assyrians , Chaldeans – fell victims to the pogroms as well.

Based on the decree of the Young Turks’ government on April 24 of 1915 there began planned exiles and massacres of more than 1 million Armenians of the Ottoman Constantinople.   The 20th century is marked with horrible fate of those people. Their fate is an example of mass deportations, ethnic, expulsions and , of course , a Genocide (Völkermord). At the same time, we realize the distinct features of the Holocaust, for which Germany bears its guilt and responsibility.

The Bundestag recognizes the historical responsibility of Germany [in the Genocide of the Armenians].

The Bundestag honors not only the martyrs who fell victims to the incredibly brutal crime but also those who more than 100 years ago in that difficult situation opposed their government to save the Armenian women, children, and men. 

The Bundestag calls on the Federal Government to pay attention to the remembrance ceremony of the victims of the massacres and deportations that took place in 1915.

Thus, the Bundestag calls on the Federal Government

- to continue further public discussions about mass deportations and exterminations of the Armenians in 1915 - 1916 as well as about the responsibility of the German Reich in that horrible event, in the spirit of the debates that took place in the Bundestag on April 24 of 2015 on the occasion of the 100th centennial of the Armenian Genocide;

- to stimulate the Turkish side to face the expulsions and massacre perpetuated during that period  and, thereby, lay the foundation for the necessary reconciliation with the Armenian side;

- to continue promoting reconciliation between the Armenians and the Turks , which should take place by reviewing the past, restoring relationships , and apologizing for the historical guilt;

- to continue undertaking scientific , civic, and cultural events in Turkey and Armenia;

-  to re-evaluate the historical events , by means of which Armenia and Turkey will make the first step towards reconciliation; to support the settlement  of the overdue matured Armenian - Turkish relationships;

- to stimulate the governments of Turkey and Armenia to restore stagnated  inter-governmental relations;

-to make efforts in the matter of ratification the Zurich protocols of 2009  by the Turkish and the Armenian governments that envisage to create a commission of scholars to restore diplomatic relations and open borders;

- to stimulate Turkey to continue contributing to the preservation of the Armenian monuments in Turkey and intensify that process;

- to continue supporting research, cultural projects, and initiatives in Germany concerning the events of 1915-1916 as far as the financial means allow. 

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