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Audiovisual analysis of the incident footage recorded outside the Turkish embassy in Washington on Tuesday showed the Turkish president giving verbal commands to his bodyguards to attack a group of peaceful protesters.

A professional sound editor Salih Ferad  Ferad determined that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s bodyguards shouted out the phrases “he says attack” and “come, come, come,” The Daily Caller reports.

In the video of that scene, Erdoğan’s bodyguard gets out of the Mercedes and relays a message to another man who was positioned closer to the protestors. The man then turns and rushes quickly in the direction of the protestors.

The video—recorded by Voice of America Turkish news service­—also shows Erdoğan calmly watching the occurrence.

Using noise isolation techniques, Ferad determined that the bodyguard uttered the words “dalın diyor, servet abi dalın diyor” just after Erdoğan was seen speaking with him.

That phrase translates to “he says attack servet abi, he says attack,” another word-for-word translation of the phrase being “he says dive in” or “plunge in.” 

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