September 26
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A group of Armenian youths is developing a video editor, which will enable to increase the frame rate (Frames per Second (FPS)), as well as colorize videos.

Gor Matevosyan and Artur Poghosyan, who are working on this project together with their friends, told Armenian News – that the video editor called Lenz will be very simple and not require any knowledge of video editing or montage.  Moreover, the video editor will work on mobile devices, although it is not ruled out that its desktop version will also be available in the future.

According to Matevosyan, they originally had an idea to create an app, which would increase the frequency rate of videos. After lengthy research and work they were able to achieve certain success and find a way to increase the FPS, following which they decided not to stop: the future app should have other features as well.

Colorization of videos became one of these features. In order to test it, the young men began colorizing the Armenian film “Dreamers,” which has been found out in achieves recently.

In the future, it is planned to add new features to the application as well: it will enable increasing the size/resolution of videos (for example, from 720p to 1080p). Besides, filters will be added, which will enable making a daytime video into a nighttime, or a video shot in summer into a winter one.

This project is still in a development stage but in order to realize their ideas the young men need funding for buying powerful computers and servers. Apart from this, they will be able to complete the project and release it into the market faster if they dedicate their entire time to it: currently, Grisha Tadevosyan, Arman Malkhasyan, David Hambartsumyan, Gor Matevosyan and Arman Hovsepyan dedicate only their free time to the project, all of them having their main job.

According to the preliminary plan, the app and majority of its functions will be free for users, but the functions, which will work by servers, may also be partially paid.

The authors of Lenz came to participate in Sevan StartUp Summit 2017 in the hope to find investments, which will help speed up the development of the project, as well as find interesting and useful acquaintances. The youths also plan to take part in the Seed-stage battle, which will be held within the framework of the summit.

Annual Sevan StartUp Summit organized by StartUp Armenia Foundation is held on the beach of Lake Sevan from July 24 to 31. Over 1,000 participants, including 100 startups and teams of developers, investors, venture companies and mentors from over 10 countries of the world, take part in the event.

According to the organizers, the event is aimed at creating new ways of cooperation for startups and exchange of experience. The format of the summit is unique: during seven days all the participants, including the mentors and investors, share their household, communicate and participate in different competitions and events. Consequently, new companies will be established and many projects will be able to find investors and enter the market in the near future. Moreover, there will be competitions, whose winners will get over 20 monetary and other prizes.

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