November 22
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YEREVAN. – They say the Russian propaganda machine in Armenia sees to it in recent days that the mindset, according to which Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan will remain one hundred percent, is spread extensively, according to Irates (Realistic) newspaper.

“He is the PM whose ‘cushions’ the RPA [the ruling Republican Party of Armenia] will ‘tie’ in 2018, whereas [incumbent President] Serzh Sargsyan will sit at the party office and rule the country. 

“And this, despite the fact that neither the RPA nor Serzh Sargsyan have expressed their viewpoint in this regard in a definite and final way.

“They also say that a task is set before this propaganda machine: On the one hand, to form a public opinion against the agreement to be signed with EU in November. On the other hand, to make Armenia authorities understand that if they disregard Russia’s overriding interest in similar and remaining matters, they will have serious problems,” wrote Irates.

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