January 16
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YEREVAN. – I would like to welcome the New Year with a good, positive mood; but I don’t have to.

Armenian capital city Yerevan former Mayor, opposition Armenian National Congress member, economist Vahagn Khachatryan, said the abovementioned at a press conference on Friday.

As per Khachatryan, this is due to the fact that Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s government has not really offered new ideas and radical new approaches that would change the quality of life of Armenia’s population.

As per the opposition politician, the main factor standing in the way of Armenia’s development and economic growth is the country’s current economic model which, in his view, has exhausted itself.

According to Khachatryan, even if there is positive economic growth in Armenia, it is largely due to the situation in the Russian market, and the overall situation in Russia.

“But economic growth is not expected in the near future in Russia,” he added. “And that’s apparent, since the standard of living of the citizens of the given country continues to fall.

“The noted circumstance cannot but affect Armenia.”

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