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Drones (unmanned aerial vehicle) entered our lives as abruptly as iPhones and immediately were turned into toys that every 5 year old kid would demand.

At the same time drones revolutionized many areas, bringing in a harsh competition to cranes, helicopters, planes and now - aqualungs. Unlike military drones, the civilian drones are mainly used to film great panoramic views. We know quite a lot about air drones, so we'll skip that topic. I want to talk to you about underwater drones.

The "Titan" drone developed by GENEINNO, based in China,  stands out among many commercial underwater drones. It is the deepest diving drone in the World. With diving range 150m, it is powered by 6 thrusters, has a 4K camera, 3000LM lights (200W), color correction lenses and 1080P real-time streaming capability. It has a game-like control system. You just install the app to your smartphone and have fun. It's like playing a "first person shooter", only you don't shoot anyone. Batteries last for up to 4 hours.

"Titan" got my attention for one simple reason. Having such a drone on hand, we can finally explore the deep waters of Sevan and see what hides the bottom of our "Geghama sea". We'll be finally able to study both  history and quality of water, the state of flora and fauna, not to mention monitoring of the living organisms that inhabit the lake.

Historical interest is also quite specific. In 2012, divers discovered an 18-meter boat, lying 16 metres below the surface, which was well preserved. Later, in 2015, a stone bowl and a camel skull were found. Undoubtedly the bottom of Sevan hides many interesting historical discoveries.

Sad to say that in terms of ecology things are gloomy. There were worrying reports on Sevan pollution Back in 2011. Those included sewage and heavy metal pollution, swamping of the lake among others. As a result a considerable fish stock disappearance was recorded. Due to the extraction of mineral raw materials and ore in Sotq, toxic substances penetrate Sevan through underground waters, which are carried along with sediments.

All these problems are solvable. "Titan" can play a major part in determining these problems by expanding the possibilities of studying them. Important to say that we will also save a ton of money on this.

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