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I believe that it is our fault, to some extent, that we did not comment in detail on what kind of an economic policy the government is conducting. 

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, stated the above-said at a press conference on Friday.

He announced that the key objective of his government’s economic policy was to create an inclusive economic system in the country.

“Before the revolution, we had a system where the specific domains, the separate forms of economic activity had a limited level of access,” Pashinyan said, in particular. “The meaning of inclusive economic system is that those limitations should not exist.”

The PM noted, however, that this did not mean that those who had worked in this or that domain will no longer be able to work in those domains.

“This means that others also should have that opportunity,” he added. “Also, the government considers it its job to get familiarized with the situation, conduct monitoring from time to time (…). We are inclined to doing this process calmly, without shocks.”

In addition, Pashinyan recorded that the fight against corruption and the creation of an independent judicial system were the pillars of their economic policy.

“We are consistently implementing this policy which, naturally, shall be strengthened with new legislative amendments,” the Armenian PM added.

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