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YEREVAN. – This political situation is the result of misunderstanding, as some people still use the phrases “coalition”, “coalition government” and “parliamentary majority” when speaking about Armenia’s internal politics, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan said during a rally which marks 100 days since he is in office.

“There is no coalition in Armenia, no coalition government, no parliamentary majority, there is Armenian nation,” Pashinyan said.

In practice it means that this revolutionary square is proclaimed as the highest body of the people's power. This means that the government has been formed in this square, the government is accountable to this square and from now on the government is exposed to this square.

“This means that we must assemble at the square when making decisions on the political and economic life of the country, and authorize the government to do or stop this or that action. You are the highest and only authority in Armenia. The government in Armenia belongs to you,” PM said addressing the square.

The event that took place in this square from the historical point of view can be further mentioned at the same level as the establishment of democracy in the ancient Athens.

“Armenia can be mentioned in historical perspective just as Greece was mentioned. Yerevan may be mentioned as the ancient Athens, and the Republic Square can become the Agora of the 21st century, where modern civilization was created. And you have created this.”

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