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YEREVAN.- There are usually economic shocks in countries after a revolution, and this is almost an axiom. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated at a rally in Yerevan on August 17.

According to him, experts believed that Armenia would enter a phase of economic decline. 

"They predicted that at the beginning there would be decline, but if the revolutionary Government succeeded there could be rise and activation. Our revolution is exception also for the reason that economic decline did not follow the revolution, and the contrary, rather high economic indexes have been recorded. In June, which was the first post-revolutionary month, 9.6% rise of economic activation was recorded, while the number is 8.5% for the first half of the year. There are all the reasons to expect that economic indexes will continue to rise in Armenia”, the PM noted.

According to Pashinyan, the key result achieved after his election is that more people arrive in Armenia than leave it, which can be assessed as the first step of stopping emigration.

“In the period of May 10-August 14 the number of those who arrived in Armenia is by 29 thousand and 986 more than the number of people who leaved the country”, Pashinyan said, adding that in the same period of last year the number of those who left the country was by 6 thousand more than those who arrived in Armenia. 

PM Pashinyan also noted that the number of tourists arriving in Armenia has sharply increased.

“The number of foreigners arriving in Armenia during the last 3 months is by 34 thousand more than it was in the same period of last year. This means that Armenia has become more attractive for tourists and investors”, Pashinyan said. He added that the prices for real estate have increased by 20%, which means that “our compatriots come here not only as tourists, but also buy apartments in Yerevan and other cities”, Pashinyan said.

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