December 11
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YEREVAN. – Armenian MP from the Republican fraction, Armen Ashotyan offered to evaluate and discuss the situation created in Armenia. The MP suggested that all fractions of the parliament should use Article 114 of the Constitution and call an emergency discussion on the wiretapping of the phone call between the heads of National Security Service (NSS) and Special Investigation Service (SIS) of Armenia.

“Or else there should be an investigation commission to discuss everything from how it was recorded, why the head of NSS of our country is unprotected to how PM intervenes in politically motivated legal processes”, declared Ashotyan.

At the beginning of his speech he noticed: “It turns out the recording proves the hearsay about Armenian judicial system to be completely politicized and to be directed by PM himself. It proves that judges are called and that some officials believe it is a private conversation when they discuss details of the criminal case or catching this or that person (“this or that” is not my expression) and I think that the efforts of our colleagues both during press conference and in this hall point to  Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s old formula of: ‘the regime is in panic’.”

Ashotyan believes they try to disguise the reality in two ways: they either try to voice sensational news and blur the topic or they rave about corruption. And, he says, the sponsor of it is PM. No matter what he says they are fighting corruption.

“What “corruption”, guys? The recording doesn’t have any word like corruption, robbery or killer. What are you talking about? Who are you taking this society and this nation for?” he said. In his opinion overcoming regional challenges have nothing to do with corruption risks. “It’s a different story how you fight corruption and how you turned “witch hunt” into a fight against corruption. We will talk about it some other time along with the obligations we undertook by signing an agreement with EU” he continued.

Earlier it was reported that the recording of a phone conversation between the heads of Armenian National Security Service and Special Investigation Service was released to the Internet. Later Armenian PM addressed the recording during a live stream speech saying the heads of NSS and SIS had been under wiretapping. PM said the recording was publicized to subvert their fight against corruption and to stop them from uncovering March 1 case. Later the head of Armenian national security service Artur Vanetsyan and head of Armenian Special Investigation Service Sasun Khachatryan had a press conference during which they admitted that the recording was real.     

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