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New developments are taking place in the investigation along the lines of the criminal case that has been filed against well-known Turkish businessman Osman Kavala, who is also chairman of the Istanbul-based Anadolu Kültür (Culture) NGO and has been in prison since November 1, 2017.

Turkish law enforcement has brought new charges against Kavala, Sabah daily of Turkey reported. Accordingly, during the events that unrolled at Istanbul’s Gezi Park in 2013, it is alleged that Osman Kavala had attempted to spread these protests throughout Turkey and to create chaos in the country.

In the context of these new charges, Turkish police have launched a new wave of arrests.

Osman Kavala is one of Turkey’s well-known human rights activists, and an advocate for normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations.

He has organized numerous events in Turkey aimed at Armenian-Turkish reconciliation.

Kavala has been to Armenia many times.

His publishing house in Istanbul has published numerous books on Armenian Genocide, and discussions and remembrance events on this tragedy have been organized at his restaurant in the city.

Osman Kavala was arrested on charges of collaborating with those accused of the 2016 military coup attempt in Turkey.

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