September 27
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YEREVAN. – The situation with CSTO is an example of how careless steps may weaken your position, said Armenia’s former deputy defense minister Artak Zakaryan about the mutual statements of Yerevan and Minsk, as well as the statements of the presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Zakaryan noted that before the position of Armenia was strong due to backstage diplomacy. Despite disagreements CSTO would express a unitary point of view, whereas the current situation may bring forth negative consequences both in bilateral relations as well as within CIS, EAEU and UN relations.

Zakaryan said those things have to be considered when dealing with the foreign policy. He called the statement of Minsk “unacceptable”, adding that Armenia should get them either to reconsider their approaches or to apologize.

“Armenia must keep the position of CSTO secretary until the end of its term”, said Zakaryan adding that the question, in his view, has not been raised properly by the Armenian side: foreign policy is not interstate statements; it is “less talk and more work”.

Concerning the meeting of the Belarusian president and Azerbaijani ambassador Zakaryan said there is no good news there.

“However, it’s no news to us that Azerbaijan has favorable relationship with Kazakhstan and Belarus. Hence our policy should be made by taking that fact into consideration. In terms of the general secretary there was a huge hastiness expressed. We had made a lot of effort in order to get that position. Khachaturov was highly respected and worked efficiently. Now the situation is one where the work of Defense and Foreign ministries will become more difficult”, Zakaryan said.

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