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YEREVAN. – It is clear that the main masterminder of the March 1 events that claimed lives of people is trying to remove the traces of blood and make me guilty, Robert Kocharyan said in a statement that was red out by his spokesperson.

In a statement Kocharyan said the verdict to remand him in custody was a political decision, that was made “due to tough pressure from the authorities”.

The judge who was considering the case was elected with the gross violations of the procedures, and the verdict was published by pro-government media before it was pronounced.

“My supporters and I have repeatedly stated that what is happening is nothing but personal revenge, vendetta in relation to me and my family. This was also proven by the infamous wiretapped recordings,” he said. “My way, achievements during my presidency, my reputation in Armenia, Artsakh and abroad as well as political perspective keep the current leader-populist, who is unable to govern the state, on the alert”.

Armenia’s second president is confident that he will be set free sooner or later.

“I am sure I will prove I am not guilty. I am also sure that the authors and executors of this cheap and illegal persecution against me who ruled Armenia and Artsakh during the hardest days will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and this will happen in the near future.  

I am determined to continue the political struggle from prison. The authorities and their patrons should not cherish empty hopes that they can break me down. I got used to the ordeal, and I think that what is happening is another test. This is another episode of my life that I am forced to devote to the struggle for freedom and dignity. ”

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