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Armenia is not giving any headache to European countries in regard to visa liberalization with the European Union. This is what Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Avet Adonts told journalists on 22 March.

“The visa liberalization process is an ongoing process. The visa liberalization is an item on the agenda not only with Brussels, but also all 28 capitals. Armenia is in consultations with all of them. We agree or disagree with most of them because the visas have been liberalized for several EU partners such as Georgia and Ukraine, and the EU member states are not too content with the results of the liberalization. We really don’t agree with that, and this doesn’t serve as a ground for us and them,” he stated.

According to the deputy FM, unlike Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, statistically speaking, Armenia has ten times fewer problems.

In 2014, the issuance of short-term EU visas was liberalized for citizens of the Republic of Armenia. The visa fees were reduced from 60 to 35 euros and were completely waived for a certain group of citizens, including scholars, students, creative unions, etc.). Since 2013, EU citizens have been visiting Armenia without a visa. For the past couple of years, the Government of the Republic of Armenia has been holding talks with the EU to liberalize visas to travel to European countries.

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