June 20
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Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry demanded that the international community should take tough position on Iran and ban the country from “spreading chaos”.

“We call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by taking a firm stance against the Iranian regime by stopping it, and preventing it from spreading destruction and chaos throughout the world,” Saudi Arabia MFA tweeted the words of spokesperson Adel Aljubeir.

“The Kingdom hopes that wisdom will prevail and that the Iranian regime and its agents will distance themselves from reckless behaviors, and will avert danger in the region, and that the Iranian regime will not lead the region to dangerous consequences.”

Several hours prior to the statement Saudi King called an emergency summit in the context of tension over Iran.

According to earlier reports, the United States deployed at least seven vessels in the Persian Gulf as well as Patriot complex. Pentagon explained the move by increased readiness of Iran to carry out offensive operations against the United States and protection of U.S. interests. President Donald Trump said he hopes to avoid a war with Iran. Iranian spiritual leader Ali Khamenei said his country is not going to be at war with U.S., but will continue opposing Washington.


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