November 30
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Since the first day of my term of office, I have tried to reach an agreement with Sanitek waste management company so that the company performs its duties properly. This is what Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan told journalists today, adding that he has held meetings and discussions with the company’s representatives once a week.

“I would personally attend those meetings to understand what the problem was and what Yerevan Municipality could do to help. I assure you that Yerevan Municipality has done everything possible, but Sanitek waste management company can no longer serve the city of Yerevan, and this is clear for everyone to see,” Marutyan said.

According to Marutyan, Sanitek has trucks in poor condition and a lack of workforce. “There are 12-18 trucks disposing garbage every day, but most of those trucks malfunction. We tried to help the company and did everything we could, but the company isn’t making more investments. Based on our contract with Sanitek, there have to be 8,000 garbage cans, but there are probably 5,000, and they are in poor condition,” Marutyan said.

The mayor noted that, according to the contract with Sanitek, the company must dispose the garbage in Yerevan and clean snow, and liquidation of the contract depends on the company’s future actions.

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