September 23
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I would like to inform you to stop considering me an oncology consultant at the Ministry of Healthcare. This is what, Gevorg Tamamyan, Head of the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of the Hematology Center after Prof. R. H. Yolyan, wrote on his Facebook page, addressing Minister of Healthcare of Armenia Arsen Torosyan.

He particularly stated the following:

“There are many reasons for my decision, and you know them very well because I have never concealed them, but the most important reason is that you preferred false comments on Facebook and populist statements over reason.

I am sorry for that because you had all the opportunities to make real changes in Armenia’s healthcare system, but you preferred to show yourself as the most intelligent one.

It is truly a pain because you have created the image of a fair and diligent person who thinks about their health, but this is very far from the reality. I have tried to help you see the reality several times, but in vain.

For the past two days, under your instruction, the Ministry of Healthcare has been trying to contact the best child oncologists in Armenia who are also very close and elder friends and teachers of mine, offering me to become a child oncology consultant at the Ministry of Healthcare.

Of course, I would never decline the offer and you would be able to dismiss your oncology consultant, but unlike you and the many people around you, a position has never meant anything…

Frankly, I would recommend that you don’t get engaged in a debate because if you do, I promise that the people who support you will be very disappointed.

That’s all!

Gevorg Tamamyan

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