September 27
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Uninvited US-led forces can not ensure the security of the region, said Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif in an interview with NBC News, commenting on US efforts to create international naval patrol forces in the Persian Gulf.

“If countries from outside this region want to come to this region to disturb our security, to create military alliances against Iran, to create coalitions expecting Iran not to benefit from the fact that it is the coastal state here, then they are making a very serious miscalculation,” Tasnim News reported quoting the FM.

He cautioned against any military aggression against Iran. “We have taught good lessons to those who have invaded us.” He recalled that Iran has been part of the region for 7,000 years, and the US was not invited here.

“I do not think that the United States or any other foreign military presence in this region has ever brought security for anybody. It is a tiny body of water, which is extremely overcrowded, and the last time that we had such a crowd of naval vessels in this region, we had the downing of a civilian airliner,” Zarif said.

Zarif expressed concern that some politicians are actively trying to drag US President Donald Trump into a trap in which he will have no choice but to escalate.

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