May 24
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Google will start promoting news articles with unique content in search results in order to push users to more authoritative publications, The New York Times reported.

This solution can create problems for the media ecosystem that has grown around the practice of aggregating exclusive and original news content.

Although we usually show the latest and most complete version of the story in the news results, we have made changes to our products around the world to highlight articles that we consider significant and original, said Google Vice President Richard Gingras.

According to him, such articles can remain in a prominent place longer, which will help users view source materials, as well as view more recent articles.

Google’s search bots will also begin to identify media outlets with a track record of original articles to increase their ranking in search results.

This decision will lead to a change in guidelines for 10,000 Google employees who use search algorithms. The guidelines now focus on promoting an article that provides information that would not be known if the publication did not publish it

But some observers perceive Google’s statement with distrust due to the lack of transparency in the company's work.

This is a positive step, said David Chavern, President and CEO at News Media Alliance adding that however, Google’s algorithms are completely opaque.

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