September 22
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Preservation of the Armenian identity is very important, and because of that, we are now talking about prospective strategic tasks. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated during his meeting with representatives of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun political party in the United States.

“However, I believe there is a small nuance that needs to be added. When we say “preservation”, it sounds a little conservative. I believe we need to start thinking about development, not just preservation. When we say ‘repatriation’, we mean the repatriation of Armenians who have become detached from their national identity for certain reasons. We need to lead a policy to make sure our compatriots return to their roots,” Pashinyan declared.

According to him, the ARF-D has played and plays a rather active role in Armenia’s domestic politics. “I haven’t always agreed with the ARF-D, but this doesn’t change anything in the context of pan-national goals. The issues on which we don’t agree are not too significant, if there are several strategic issues on which we agree.”

Pashinyan expressed willingness to continue and convey new meaning to his relations with the ARF-D. “Of course, I have always openly said that, in my opinion, the ARF-D needs to reassess the activities it has carried out in Armenia as a part of the ruling coalition, and I believe this will be very important for the image and activities of the political party in Armenia in the years to come. I have stated several times that I regret that the political party didn’t garner the necessary votes during the parliamentary elections in Armenia, but I don’t think this is a tragedy. The important thing is to formulate the future actions,” Pashinyan emphasized.

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