November 21
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The visit of the Iranian president to Yerevan was marked by the signing of temporary deal, which, of course, are beneficial to both Armenia and Iran, expert on Iranian issues Gohar Iskandaryan told reporters on Thursday.

According to her, if it’s profitable for Iran from the point of view of gaining an additional opportunity to increase the export of its products under the conditions of severe US sanctions and the difficult economic situation, for the Armenian side it is beneficial in the sense that it will make it possible to export about 300 items of goods for more low interest rates, which is a positive factor, given the traditional protectionist nature of the Iranian economy.

According to her, the agreements signed for three years will provide an opportunity to understand how valuable such a regime is for the two countries. 

“Of course, it will be possible to talk about zero interest rates only when Iran joins the Eurasian Economic Union. However, intensification of trade and economic relations can still be expected taking into account the creation of free trade zones,” she noted.

Touching upon the implementation of the project for the construction of a hydroelectric station in Meghri, Iskandaryan noted that all diplomatic and legal issues had been resolved, but the project was being delayed. The Iranian side, which, by agreement, was supposed to take on financing, claims a lack of funds.

“However, the Iranian president put this issue on the agenda while being in Yerevan, and there is hope that the program will eventually work,” she added.

The expert said that the construction of the railway between Iran and Armenia is connected with the lack of money from the Armenian side, since the Iranian railway network is quite developed, probably the most developed in the region, and for their part, they need to build only 60 km of the railway. 

“Perhaps the problem of $ 3 billion will be resolved in the foreseeable future, with the help of donors. China has also become interested in this corridor. For now, we need to concentrate on completing the construction of the North-South highway, and active work is being done for this,” she said.

The free trade zone of Iran with the Eurasian Economic Union will begin to operate from October 27.

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