November 21
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The attack on the Nouvelles d'Arménie in Paris may be the work of the Turks, Nouvelles d'Arménie journalist Alain Sarkissian told Armenian

“It is not known why the editorial office was attacked and how many attackers there were. We assume that the attack occurred on the night of October 20, the attacker broke the editorial office’s door, pulled out three computers, a processor and a camera,” he noted.

According to him, it is not about the cost of the stolen items, but their contents - articles, addresses, materials.

Sarkissian noted the issue of the magazine on Sunday should have been sent to the printing house. 

“It was an important issue. There were articles about the Turkish attack (in the north of Syria), a report on WCIT 2019, material dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Komitas,” the journalist said. 

According to him, there are suspicions that the Turks did this in order to intimidate or to do harm, since the editorial position protects the Kurds. On October 12, there was a rally at which the editor-in-chief of the magazine Ara Toranian spoke, calling for help and protection of the Kurds from the Turks, saying that Erdogan should not be allowed to kill the Kurds, and France should help the Kurds with arms, he noted adding that the website of the Armenian Prime Minister was hacked in the same period.

He noted that there were no video cameras in the editorial office, but the police are conducting an investigation, fingerprints were bribed, cameras installed on the street can be examined.

Sarkissian added that it was in 2006 when the Turks attacked the editorial office and offices of Armenian organizations the last time.

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