December 09
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Brutal political persecution has been carried out against the Armenian second president Robert Kocharyan for the eighteen months, said the head of the seond President’s office Viktor Soghomonyan on Friday at the meeting of the Vernatun public-political club.

“November 20 marks 11 months of the illegal arrest of Robert Kocharyan. The second president of Armenia is a political prisoner,” the head of the office said adding that he did not want to list all the details revealed in a year and a half, and they were repeatedly mentioned.

Victor Soghomonyan identified three important phenomena, debunked myths. 

According to him, it has already been established that the former president of Armenia and Artsakh, the man who led the defense of Artsakh, has nothing to do with killing people. 

Secondly, the head noted, the overthrow of the constitutional system did not occur on March 1, 2008. This is a lie and an unsuccessful attempt to redraw the story.

Thirdly, the case against the second president showed that a strong civil society has remained in Armenia: a healthy part of society, ready to fight against lawlessness and political persecution, are not afraid of persecution, lose their posts, and do not sell their opinions and friends. 

“This is the most important conclusion,” he added.

Victor Soghomonyan said that 40 thousand people from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora signed a statement in support of Robert Kocharyan.

Nevertheless, he proposed to immediately stop the political persecution, renounce the repressions and justice by calling, return the processes to the rule of law, stop distorting the case on March 1 and direct efforts to clarify the perpetrators of the murder, the trial court to comply with the decision of the Constitutional Court and release Robert Kocharyan , stop the prosecution, stop trying to redraw the story, gross pressure on the judicial system and in particular the courts.

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