May 23
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Contractual serviceman, 36-year-old Zohrab Sianosyan, who died from a gunshot fired by the Azerbaijani side on the border with Nakhchivan today, was from the Pokr Vedi village of the Ararat Province of Armenia and a father of two daughters aged 2 and 4.

Head of the village Norik Martirosyan told Armenian that Zohrab had just gone to serve as a contractual serviceman and had been helping his parents with farming until then.

Zohrab was the eldest, and his younger brother is working abroad.

A soldier of the Armenian Armed Forces was killed in fire by Azerbaijani side, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Zohrab Sianosyan (born in 1984) was fatally wounded as Azerbaijani side opened fire on Tuesday afternoon in the direction of one of the military units in Armenia’s southwest.

An investigation has been launched.

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