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Demolition of Monument to Humanity dedicated to Armenia-Turkish friendship has started in Kars.

A crane was transferred to Kars from Istanbul to dismantle the huge monument, KHA agency reports.

The same day famous Turkish artists held a protest action against demolition of the monument. The protest action was attended by former Prosecutor General of Erzinca Ilham Jihaner, former mayor of Kars Naif Alibeyoglu, the sculptor Mehmet Aksol and other artists.

As Armenian reported earlier, during his visit to Kars, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the monument to Armenia-Turkey  friendship “monstrous” and ordered to demolish it.

Former Mayor of Kars Naif Alibeyoglu has always stood for the opening of the Armenia-Turkey border without any preconditions and for this purpose organized a collection of signature in Kars. On his initiative, a large monument was put to represent the Armenian-Turkish friendship and peace. However, Alibeyoglu was defeated in the mayoral elections in 2009. The unfinished monument was put near the old Armenian district of Kars.

“The decision to demolish the monument to the Armenian-Turkish friendship was made at the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s request, former Mayor of Kars city,” Alibeyoglu said. “Turkey has an oil and gas dependence on Azerbaijan. This is the only reason for demolition.”



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