June 05
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YEREVAN. – Hayk Alumyan, the lawyer of the second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, does not rule out the possibility of withdrawing the civil suit against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, and with respect to the protection of the honor and dignity of Kocharyan, if Pashinyan takes back his words. Alumyan stated this at a press conference on Wednesday.

"The decision is up to Robert Kocharyan," the lawyer stressed, and he recalled the circumstances of the previous similar lawsuit and Pashinyan's statement in Paris. "Robert Kocharyan had been released on the basis of [presidential] immunity. In other words, it is possible to organize murders and talk about immunity. Where is that written?” he added. "The statement was made after the Court of Appeal released Kocharyan from custody on the grounds of the previous president's immunity.

It is clear that the text refers to Robert Kocharyan. He had appealed to the court, calling it a slander and a violation of the presumption of innocence. Nikol Pashinyan had stated, through his representative, that this statement does not refer to Robert Kocharyan. In other words, they claimed in court, in the presence of dozens of media outlets, that with this announcement they did not mean Robert Kocharyan. If this time, too, the Prime Minister, or his representative, says that he did not mean Robert Kocharyan, we will once again discuss the possibility of withdrawing the lawsuit. But we may not withdraw as well. It is possible that the taking back [of his words] became the reason for continuing Nikol Pashinyan's unbalanced statements. We can go until the end this time so that the situation will not be repeated. "

According to Alumyan, the accusations of robbery against Robert Kocharyan became the basis for this new lawsuit. "Last time I myself advised [Kocharyan] to withdraw the lawsuit; trusting my opinion, Mr. Kocharyan withdrew," said the lawyer. "But this time I will not advise to withdraw, even if they say that they did not mean him [Kocharyan]."

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