July 11
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Nothing has changed after we expressed our position, and there is no ball in our field. This is what head of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Edmon Marukyan told reporters today, touching upon the observation that Aram Vardevanyan, one of the defense attorneys of second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, has declared that he and the other attorneys took their step and now it’s time for the Bright Armenia faction to make its decision, leaving the ball in the faction’s field.

Today Robert Kocharyan’s defense attorneys withdrew the application they had submitted to the Constitutional Court a year ago, declaring that they don’t want to disturb MPs from applying to the Constitutional Court in regard to the constitutional amendments adopted by the Armenian parliament in any way.

“The Constitutional Court has received two applications regarding the case of Robert Kocharyan. The first was submitted by the defense attorneys, and the other was submitted by the court. The defense attorneys have withdrawn their application, and this is wrong because, in any case, the case will be examined, and it was important for their application to stay in the Constitutional Court. Now they are withdrawing it and stating that they are doing it for the legal state, but they know that the case will be examined. If they asked our political party, we would say there is no point in withdrawing the application. If there is such an opportunity, they could ask the president of the Court and the judges to examine the case yesterday, they would make a decision today, and we could submit the application tomorrow. I still urge the Court to examine the case today, announce a decision in the evening, and tomorrow morning we will submit the application,” Marukyan said.

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