July 25
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As a result of operational intelligence measures, the National Security Service of Armenia obtained prima facie factual data according to which head of Arinj village of Kotayk Province G. S. who, as an official, has been carrying out organizational-managerial and administrative-economic functions in the mentioned village since October 2002, based on other personal interest, with the support of the councils of elders, used his official position contrary to the interests of service and created conditions to change settlements with 87.7 ha surface, the lands for industry, subsoil use and other industrial facilities to another category, based on Decision No 37-N of the village “On alienating plots of land of community ownership by auction” adopted on October 13, 2017, a land construction case was prepared which, upon consent of the governor of Kotayk Province, with the purpose of receiving an opinion, was submitted to relevant government agencies, as reported the news service of the National Security Service.

Based on positive opinions, as well as the conclusion of the inter-agency commission for agreement on temporary schemes for use of lands (set up on the basis of the decision of the Prime Minister of Armenia on August 13, 2001), the parcels of land with 87.7 ha surface area from the lands for industry, subsoil use and designated lands of settlements were transferred to the category of agricultural lands, as a result of which the cadastral value of the specified lands was lowered, providing Multi Group Concern with the opportunity to obtain the land parcels with surface area of 87.7 ha (belonging to the village) at a significantly lower price.

As a result of such unlawful acts, Arinj village was deprived of its real opportunity to receive income in particularly large amounts (AMD 3,938,263,843) for alienation of property deemed to be under the village’s ownership, and this caused essential damage to the lawful interests of Arinj village in the form of property, negligently causing severe consequences.

In relation to the case, the Investigation Department of the National Security Service of Armenia has instituted a criminal case under the elements of crime provided for by a particular article of the Criminal Code.

Through the use of permissible criminal procedure tools, necessary investigative and other procedural actions are being taken to establish all the circumstances of the case and the whole scope of persons having committed the crime and restore the legitimate interests of the village.

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