January 21
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Last night, Azerbaijanis organized targeted attacks against Armenians in Moscow.

Member of the Union of Armenians of Russia Davit Tonoyan told Armenian that five Armenians were injured and that the Azerbaijanis had broken the cars with Armenian license numbers.

“After 11 p.m. in Moscow, the Azerbaijanis attacked people and cars, broke a lot of cars in a city of a region, as well as cars parked in the yards of residential buildings,” he said.

One of the injured Armenians is an old man, and the others are young people, one of whom was stabbed in the abdomen. The young man is currently at the hospital, and his life isn’t at risk.

There had been five more attacks on Armenians over the past week.

“The Azerbaijanis had attacked a female janitor of the Armenian embassy, a dudukist by the name of Harut, a student, a worker at a construction site, and there was a case when they approached a husband and wife and beat the husband,” Tonoyan said, adding that, according to preliminary data, 50 Azerbaijanis were arrested last night.

After the recent tension on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, protests were held near the Armenian and Azerbaijani embassies in different countries and were followed by incidents and clashes, and the recent clashes took place in front of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Brussels.

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