August 12
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NATO considers Russia the main military threat to its security until at least 2030, TASS said referring to report on the reform of the NATO-2030 alliance.

In the future until 2030, Russia is likely to remain the main military threat to the alliance, the document said based on which the NATO summit in 2021 intends to adopt a new strategic concept for the alliance.

NATO considers China the second largest military threat to its security and considers it necessary to create a permanent body within the alliance to assess the actions of this country

China's power and global opportunity pose an acute challenge to open and democratic societies, especially given its drive for authoritarianism and territorial expansion. Although China does not pose a direct military threat to the alliance as Russia does, it is expanding its military capabilities in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic, as well as deepening defense cooperation with Russia.

NATO should consider setting up a consultative structure to discuss all aspects of NATO's security interests with respect to China.

NATO considers it necessary to preserve the NATO-Russia Council as an instrument for a political dialogue on peaceful coexistence with Russia, but intends to conduct this dialogue from a position of strength and Atlantic unity.

NATO must remain open to discussing peaceful coexistence with Russia. However, for such a dialogue to be productive, it must be conducted from a position of unity and strength, the document says.

NATO should create a special intelligence unit to oversee military and technological cooperation between Russia and China, the report says.

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