January 17
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The chairman of the opposition Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan was supposed to speak during the rally on Saturday, but by order of the authorities and PM Nikol Pashinyan personally, he was summoned to the National Security Service.

His speech was read out by Prosperous Armenia parliamentary faction MP Iveta Tonoyan.

According to Tsarukyan, "the authorities have once again proved that they are afraid of me, they are doing everything to prevent me from meeting with my people. I repeat that Nikol Pashinyan should be afraid not of me, but of the consequences of his shameful policy, the anger of the people, the indignation of about 100 thousand Artsakh people left homeless, the anger of parents who have lost their children. Instead of solving the issues faced by the people and the homeland, Nikol Pashinyan continues political persecution against me. To keep his chair, he is ready for the vilest deeds. No matter how painful it was for me to talk about it, I foresaw a few months ago that because of the shameful policy of the authorities, our country was in danger."

"I said 6 months ago that these authorities must leave. This was not my personal desire and ambition, it was my step towards averting the impending danger. At that time, I was primarily concerned about the security of Artsakh. On June 5, I said that you need to have exceptional talent to worsen relations with strategic partners to such an extent. With a strategic partner, Russia, who once again proved that in these difficult days he extended a helping hand and supported the Armenian people."

"On June 16, from the rostrum of the National Assembly, I announced that the authorities should openly declare what Pashinyan and Aliyev are negotiating around. Of course, Nikol Pashinyan's resignation was also based on the destruction of the economic backbone, the failure of the fight against corruption, deterioration of relations with partners in the outside world, and many other factors."

"But my number one concern was Artsakh and its safety. After the shameful surrender of Artsakh, there is no alternative to Nikol Pashinyan's departure. In no country has it ever happened that a leader who fell to his knees before the enemy continued to remain in office. A new government must be formed, which will be able to conduct new talks. Of course, no matter how painful it is to say this, at this stage we cannot return Artsakh, but the new government will at least be able to minimize the consequences of the shameful document signed as a result of the talks, the opportunity to continue the negotiation process with dignity, negotiations to protect our national interests with the outside world."

"But what do we see these days? Instead of accepting his shameful defeat and the defeat of his team, apologizing and silently leaving, Nikol Pashinyan tries to justify himself every day. Tries to lay his defeat on others. Everyone is to blame for him: the army, commanders, former presidents of Armenia and Artsakh, strategic partners, parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces, but never himself. This is also a manifestation of weak will."

"Pashinyan continues to deceive the public with false stories, to distract its attention. After the genocide in the history of the Armenian people, I do not remember a heavier and more tragic page. We have lost 73 percent of Artsakh, we have lost our best guys."

"Pashinyan is already in the past, he will leave. Both he and all those responsible for this defeat will receive their punishment in the face of the law. Pashinyan continues to blame everyone and even the President of Russia for all this, who is a thousand times better at the Karabakh negotiation process than Nikol. Today I want to talk about our immediate plans. The country is on the verge of destruction, Nikol Pashinyan surrenders to Azerbaijan not only what he pledged, but every day we see how a Turk enters Sotk and declares that he will advance a few more kilometers. The fate of the residents of Syunik and other regions bordering Azerbaijan was in danger. Only by combining all healthy forces can we stop this disaster brought on by Nikol."

"You already know that the candidate for the post of prime minister from the homeland rescue movement is the first Prime Minister of Armenia, Vazgen Manukyan, who is highly respected by 16 parties and the public. I am sure that today, thanks to his political experience and with the help of all of us, he will be able to overcome the issues that have arisen in front of our country, under his leadership it is necessary to form a transitional interim government and, building relations with the only guarantor of security in the region, Armenia's main friend, strategic an ally - Russia - to draw up a roadmap and save what is still possible."

"No other country will negotiate with this power, because the person in the prime minister's chair lied to everyone, no one takes this power seriously. We need to create a government of national salvation with only professionals involved," Tsarukyan added.

"After solving these priority tasks, we must go to early parliamentary elections to form such a government that should never be formed from random people without biography, responsibility, and experience."

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