June 15
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In Armenia, many people are ready to leave an incompetent leader in the person of Nikol Pashinyan only out of fear that Robert Kocharyan will become his alternative, ANC Deputy chair Levon Zurabyan told reporters in the Yerablur military pantheon.

According to him, acting PM's new propaganda, which puts the return of the former at the center of the dispute, is working. 

“Only because of these fears, many people are ready to protect the person whose actions are destroying Armenia, and something needs to be done to overcome this barrier,” he said, calling Nikol Pashinyan a disastrously incompetent person.

To the remark why the first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan once collaborated with this incompetent person, Zurabyan noted that Pashinyan knew how to inspire people. 

“He knew how to inspire people, but in other matters, he is a complete zero, if not a minus. We understood perfectly well that he was a bad manager and never envisaged any role for him in the process of state administration,” Zurabyan said.

When asked whether this means that if Ter-Petrosyan came to power, Nikol Pashinyan would not have received anything and that he was simply used to inspire people, he said:

“Nobody used anyone. He joined the movement on his own. This does not mean that we intended to give him a position. The state should be run by people who are able to do it. "

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