June 18
Show news feed writes the following: “We had already informed that deputy of the National Assembly of Armenia Arman Babajanyan enjoy full support of the LGBT community in Armenia. We had also reported that members of the LGBT community have great expectations from Arman Babajanyan and are ready to use all of their resources during the upcoming elections so that he is represented in the National Assembly.

Weeks ago, we also reported that Arman Babajanyan meets with members of the LGBT community on a regular basis. During those meetings, Babajanyan and the members also discuss political issues and their future actions.

Sevak Kirakosyan, the most well-known gay activist in Armenia, wrote on Arman Babajanyan’s Facebook page that he will vote for his political party. “I will cast my vote for you for the sake of Seda Safaryan. I hope you won’t give in to militarism and vengeance,” the gay activist wrote.

After Nikol Pashinyan came to power, gay activist Sevak Kirakosyan visited kindergartens and took photos with sleeping children, and this caused an uproar in Armenia.

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