July 28
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The new millionaires of the Republic of Armenia (RA): Acting Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Suren Papikyan became a millionaire on asphalt business in three years. This was reported by Yerevan Today.

The website writes: This government still accuses all former officials of being soaked in corruption, despite the fact that they are much more impudent in both robbing and entering "shares," making purchases from one person; I am sure they take kickbacks. However, as the salary increase, which was secretly tripled in one day, secretly from the people, wrote bonuses to themselves, as if it was legal, it became clear to everyone that this government is much more impudent, it robs the budget money legally, not caring that before how it criticized the previous governments for every penny. So, now I will present a version of how a specific corruption deal is concluded with the sponsorship of a specific official, and what is worse, before that, such conditions are created that a lot of money can be generated from that deal.

Let's start. Based on the estimate documents for the construction of highways, the process of "technical quality control of construction" in 2019 was actually reformulated into the process of providing "engineering control and consulting" services.

At the same time, the cost of the service for technical control defined by the order of the RA Minister of Urban Development was changed in 2008 instead of 1% of the estimated value of the defined object, in 2019 it became 5%. Moreover, if before 2019 the 1% was included in the estimated value, then after the change made in 2019, that amount was 5% and was included in the state budget as a separate expenditure item, being written off from the estimated value.

That is, it turns out that during the previous "robbers", 1% allocation was included in the budgets from the state budget to check the asphalting works, during these "nobles" that percentage was changed and became 5%.

And the most interesting thing is that by the №1085-N decision of the RA Government of June 25, 2020 and RA Minister of Territorial Administration S. Papikyan's direct lobbying, a very important new order was confirmed. The RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure was allowed to obtain technical control services through a one-person procurement procedure from Cox Consult company, as well as the list of roads were defined for which the same Cox Consult company was to carry out construction technical quality control by the lobbying of RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure S. Papikyan.

Let's continue. Then, according to the appendix to that decision of the RA Government, again the same Cox Consult company in 2020 would carry out technical control over the quality of construction of 143.45 km long interstate, national and provincial motorways.

Let's move on to the numbers. The expenditure item "Improvement of the Road Network" of the 2020 state budget stipulates 83.3 billion AMD, whereas by the same item of the 2021 state budget—more than 66 billion AMD.

Let's imagine only in 2019 the 5% set for technical control by RA Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure S. Papikyan and let's compare it with 83.3 billion AMD in 2020 and 66 billion AMD in 2021.

Not limited to all this, on April 22, 2021, after the signing of the capitulation, in the conditions of internal political crisis, extreme socioeconomic problems, non-return of our prisoners of war, this government did not shy away from making a decision on Cox Consult again—already engaging it even in the North-South [road corridor] program.

That is, 5% of the 149.3 billion allocated for asphalting only in 2020-2021 is 7.465 billion AMD, which in turn is more than 14,355,000 (14 million) [US] dollars at today's expensive exchange rate. It turns out that this government has asphalted roads not for the population to travel on good roads, but for Suren Papikyan and others to make money.

In fact, it turns out that Papikyan Suren has already become a dollar millionaire in 2020.

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