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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: Criminal authorities, the "thieves," have always played an important role in the electoral processes [in Armenia].

As a rule, they have supported the authorities. But this time, according to our information, they have decided to take a neutral position as much as possible. In any case, the considerable part of the [Armenian] criminal world has decided not to interfere in the pre-election process—not to work for any force [ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20].

We were told that these days the authorities have allowed all the representatives of the [Armenian] criminal world who were abroad for various reasons, and their entry to Armenia was forbidden, to return to the homeland to support them.

And a few days ago, a number of criminal and district “authorities” were summoned to the police, who were proposed to support [acting PM Nikol] Pashinyan. Most of them, however, turned down the proposal. The law enforcement [then] said [to them], "In that case, at least promise that you will not support [second President Robert] Kocharyan either." Some agreed, some said, "We have friends in the opposition forces, we need to help them." And a small part thinks that, "This is a matter of the homeland, not politics"—they cannot step aside.

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