July 28
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Pashinyan posts a photo of captives on his Facebook page and does cheap PR. This is what leader of the “I Have the Honor” bloc Artur Vanetsyan said during a campaign meeting with citizens of Armavir today.

“The return of captives was one of the only happy events that took place recently. May God help bring all of our boys back to Armenia very quickly. To date, we Armenians don’t know how many captives there are. Pashinyan posts a photo of the captives on his Facebook page and does cheap PR. Why is he doing that? Doesn’t he understand that those people went through a lot in captivity? They and their relatives want to forget that period. Those people need to come and integrate into society and continue their lives, but everyone will always remember that photo,” Vanetsyan said, adding that it’s horrible when the issue of captives is speculated and used for cheap PR.

“Moreover, in the November 9, 2020 statement, there was a point that clearly stated that the captives need to be returned. Why haven’t they been returned to this day? Perhaps Aliyev made a gesture to the candidate of his heart and returned the captives in this pre-election period so that he could raise the reputation of Pashinyan which is falling rapidly. I repeat – may God help all the captives return soon, but there are many questions that remain unanswered, and we will receive the answers,” he said.

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