July 25
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There is an extremely important contradiction in the logic of Nikol [Nikol Pashinyan]; during the war, he would insist that we Armenians were winning, and this was exactly the reason why he continued the hostilities. After the war, he started throwing the blame for the defeat on anyone, including scared soldiers, army generals who hadn’t been too loyal, officers who escaped the battlefield, even the ‘colorless’ and ‘miserable’ Shushi. This is what former Ambassador of Armenia to the Vatican Mikayel Minasyan wrote on his Telegram channel, adding the following:

“Today it is our duty to ask ourselves why Nikol didn’t stop the hostilities sooner.

The attached document is a report on the meeting with a top diplomat of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the report, the German diplomat talks about the substance of the talk that President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel had. The President of Russia was so surprised by Nikol’s rejection to establish a truce on October 10 that he deemed it necessary to talk about that.

After the rejection, the war went on for another 29 days. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the Prime Minister received similar documents from several other capitals across Europe. The existence and content of those documents are absolutely confidential.

Why did Nikol renounce ceasefire on October 10?”

“Putin stated that he was also very surprised why the Armenian side, namely Prime Minister Pashinyan, didn’t agree to sign a document after an agreement was reached at the level of foreign ministers on October 10. Besides this, there were other opportunities to stop the bloodshed, but the Armenian side didn’t take advantage of them,” this is stated in the confidential document released by Minasyan.

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