July 18
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By filing charges against chairman Ara Abrahamyan of the Union of Armenians of Russia (UAR), the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan has in fact accused the Russian Federation of illegal actions; UAR vice-chairman German Ananyants told this to Armenian

He stated that Ara Abrahamyan is a Russian citizen, and therefore the aforesaid accusation is actually directed at Russia. "The accusation that he has supplied weapons to Armenia, which later were transported to Karabakh [(Artsakh)], is false. If arms were supplied to Armenia and Karabakh, then they were supplied by Russia. Is it Abrahamyan who supplied the [Russian-made] Iskander [missile system] to Armenia? He is not engaged dirty work; his business has a different direction," said the UAR official.

Ananyants noted that this is not the first time Azerbaijan has resorted to such falsifications. "The accusation unlawful. He is not a criminal. We have asked Abrahamyan to report this [development] to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. You will never be able to scare Abrahamyan. He thinks about how to help the homeland [Armenia], both materially and politically. (…). Abrahamyan, as a patriot, left for Yerevan, and here in Russia, he was going to the presidential administration, promoting the interests of the Armenian nation; that is why that statement [by Azerbaijan] means nothing. They [the Azerbaijanis] have declared a search [for him]. Then what? [Then] go, catch Abrahamyan!" German Ananyants added.

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan has declared Russian Armenian businessmen Samvel Karapetyan, David Galstyan, and Ara Abrahamyan internationally wanted, allegedly for illegal import of weapons and military equipment to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

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