July 28
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YEREVAN. – Armenia’s authorities, in fact, contribute to the return of the Azerbaijanis to Karabakh [(Artsakh)]. Tevan Poghosyan, director of the International Center for Human Development NGO, stated this at a press conference Friday.

Thus, according to him, the maps of the minefields in the Aghdam region were passed to the Azerbaijani side. "Before that, the people of Karabakh were at least happy that they would not have to live next door to the Azerbaijanis for at least eight months," Poghosyan added.

Also, he drew attention to the fact that after the concessions by Armenia, its international partners will change their view on this issue, and put even more pressure on the Armenian side, demanding to transfer the remaining minefield maps to Baku, as Yerevan's international partners have their geopolitical and financial interests in the region.

The head of the aforesaid NGO stated that Armenia’s authorities initially had denied the existence of these maps and were even refusing to accept the proposal of Rustam Muradov—the head of the Russian peacekeeping force in Karabakh—who pledged to have all Armenian captives returned from Azerbaijan in exchange for the maps of these minefields.

As per Poghosyan, such conduct by Yerevan once again causes bewilderment. He stressed that if Armenia expected support from the West, this, in fact did not happen even during the 44-day war in Karabakh, when the Armenians really needed it.

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