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YEREVAN. – The situation regarding migration is unclear because when wages in Russia were high, a migrant worker was receiving a monthly salary of $1,000-1,200 until the crisis in 2014, now he receives only $ 500-700. Gagik Makaryan, Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, told this to Armenian

"In the past, $300-400 of that $1,000-1,200 was spent on living and accommodation, the rest was sent home [to Armenia]. Today salaries have reduced; they pay $500-700. $300-400 of that goes to eating and accommodation.; that is, they [i.e.,. these Armenian migrant workers] could earn the same amount [here] in Armenia. This means that there is a real need to return to Armenia, to improve Armenia. They just say 'there is no work [in Armenia],' and the [Armenian] state should help here," Makaryan said.

He referred also to the €2.6-billion assistance provided by the EU to Armenia, noting: "Look, huge sums of money will enter Armenia, a considerable part of which will be spent on infrastructure. This means that we need to build roads, bridges, warehouses, reservoirs. Who should build it? There is a great need for specialists today [in Armenia]; that is, most construction specialists can easily return from Russia and work in Armenia. Here, the [Armenian] state must clearly state in which spheres it needs which employee, what the salaries are. It [the state] has to give that order. (…). Workforce can be a major problem [in Armenia]—for both local and foreign investors."

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