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On July 29, a protest action is held near the building of the Government of Armenia. Its participants are protesting over the decision to build a residential structure on the territory of the Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Pharmacology of the Academy of Sciences.

"There is no need to build a residential building on this territory, after that the institute will be liquidated and various residential buildings will be built. This institute has expensive equipment, it is sensitive, any construction work is dangerous for it. They want to build a multifunctional residential building on the territory of the pool," protester Susanna Tosunyan said.

Another protester explained in detail what was the matter. According to him, back in 2017, the territory of the basin located on the territory of the institute was illegally alienated.

“Since then, 10-15 owners have changed who wanted to build a residential building. The meaning of our today's action is that no one has comprehensively studied the risks that the institute may be exposed to after such a decision,” he said.

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