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The two residents of Kasakh village of Armenia, who ended up in the territory under the control of Azerbaijan on the Goris-Vorotan motorway, are 20- to 21-year-old boys, the head of Kasakh village, Ara Mkrtchyan, told

"According to my information, the boys had gone to visit their friends in [military] service. The last contact with [their] family members was at the very moment they disappeared. One of the boys was talking on the phone and the person talking on the phone said, 'They [i.e., the Azerbaijanis] stopped us. Let's see what they say,’ and the connection was cut off. We have no news from them after that, too," said the village mayor.

According to Mkrtchyan, these two young men are the grandsons of their uncles from their fathers’ side.

The mayor of Kasakh said that there were two people in the car from their village, but people say that there were other people in the car, too, but he did not have clear information in this regard.

Earlier, the National Security Service of Armenia reported that that two people had deviated, while traveling on the Goris-Vorotan motorway, and ended up in the territory under the control of Azerbaijan.


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